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SERVICE | IT Advisory Services

At Tenet Business Engineering, we understand that your IT environment may be tired, expensive and difficult to run, and it just needs to work.

Our experienced advisors can work with you and your team to make IT as simple as possible whilst delivering what your business needs.

We’re different from other IT advisors – we work with you to understand your business and its needs, and then advise what you need – and can facilitate contracts with a service or IT provider of your choice, acting as your independent guide and coach on IT matters.

Our cost-effective services help you improve your business capabilities that rely on technology, up-to-date; letting you focus on your business success.

Our consultants have over 20 years industry experience and have worked with the some of the largest IT vendors; and know how they and their channel partners work, so you won’t get caught by surprise by them!

We provide services to help you with:

  • IT strategy (insource / outsource / cloud / hybrid)
  • Data and information security and analytics
  • IT contract management
  • Managing your customers, your business, and its services using modern IT systems sized right for you.